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Ski and Snowbarding Tuning Tools

Wintersteiger Australia

As you ski or ride on your equipment the wax and base material wears away and the metal edges can become dull and damaged reducing performance. Wintersteiger Ski and Snowboard Tuning Tools are the perfect solution for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to keep their skis and snowboards in top notch condition between visits to their Wintersteiger repair shop.

Preventative Maintenance

Wintersteiger’s complete line of hand tools allow you to wax, repair minor base damage, and keep your edges sharp and smooth. By performing regular preventive maintenance such as waxing, repairing minor base and edge damage you will have a more enjoyable time on the hill. Why waste your vacation using poor performing skis and snowboards?

Visit a Wintersteiger Repair Shop

Over time, even with regular maintenance, the base will become worn and concave and the edges damaged beyond the point of work that can be done by hand. A quick trip to your local Wintersteiger repair shop and they will bring your equipment back to better than new condition.

Find out More

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