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Wintersteiger Machine Repairs

Wintersteiger Machine Repairs Australia

Trusted and Efficient Partners

Uber Sports sees its mission not only in the installation of innovative Wintersteiger products for the Australian market, but we understand the need for an accompanying partnership process. Our trusted and efficient service is the best in the local the industry.

Machine and Workshop Accessories

Uber Sports offers an extensive range of Wintersteiger machine and workshop accessories with more that 1,200 products. We can develop your equipment to fulfil the exact requirments for your customers, with the highest possible quality and availability of componentry.

A1 Customer Service

The starting point for development of machines and the accompanying accessories is the customer service. Uber Sports fulfils the latest customer requirements and offers a wide variety of product variants – so there is something for everyone.

Find out More

To find out more about our Wintersteiger Machine Repairs Australia contact us on 0418 682 145 or email us on