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Innova Boot Dryer

Innova Boot Dryer & Helmet Dryer

Single-Sided Warm Air Drying

The Innova Boot Dryer offers single-sided warm air drying for wall mounting or with base stand. The air is disinfected through a germicidal ozone lamp, and the ambient air is deodorized. The hours of operation are set by an analog timer clock; its optional cover prevents changing the programmed settings. The Innova Dryer is available for 5/15 pairs of boots or 14/42 helmets.

Innova Boot Dryer

Ozine Disinfection

Ozone disinfection functions by means of a gas which disinfects the air and all items coming into contact with it against micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi. One positive aspect of ozone is that it is a clean chemical. The only waste product is oxygen which is rereleased into the air.

About Wintersteiger Systems

Wintersteigers Easystore Flex systems for rental, depot and drying are extremely flexible and stable – they also offer a modern design as well as many new solutions that make them highly functional. The Flex Modules can be combined for customized solutions.

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