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Skis and Accessories

Uber Sports Australia

Uber sports supply the latest ski and ski gear throughout Australia. We source products from all over the globe to ensure you have access to your favourite brands and the most recent state-of-the-art products. Avid ski enthusiasts, we use all the merchandise we sell so we can personally guarantee the quality and durability of our products.


For the 16/17 season, Icelantic have done the largest revamp of their line in the history of the company. The goal of this revamp was to simplify their line, making it easier to understand so you can choose the right ski. Mens, womens and kids range.

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Quiver Killer

With countless binding and ski options available, Quiver Killer have mastered gear design and an approach to meet the ever-changing demands of our sport. Put simply their products are designed for the skiiers who need performance and flexibility.

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Original Ski Balm

We love a day on the slopes but we’ve seen first hand what it does to the skin. A day on the mountain shouldn’t be jeopardized by windburn & sunburn so Ski Balm has you covered. They have also added performance SPF40 for extra sun protection.

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Phunkshun Wear

Phunkshun Wear has been manufacturing facemasks in the rocky mountains since day one. Originally designed to fulfill the needs of ski and snowboard instructors, Phunkshun Wear continues to produce items that stand up to winter conditions.

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Wintersteiger Ski Tuning Tools are the perfect solution for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to keep their skis and snowboards in top notch condition between visits to their repair shop. Easily repair minor base damage, and keep your edges sharp and smooth.

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