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Quiver Killer

Right Ski . Right Binding . Right Day

Quiver Killer Australia

With countless binding and ski options available, Quiver Killer have mastered gear design and an approach to meet the ever-changing demands of their sport. Put simply thier products are designed for the skiiers who spend their days at resorts or in the back country and want gear that offers durability, performance and flexibility.

Simple Installation

As Alpine and Telemark skiers, Quiver Killer spend as much time in the back country as in the resort and they have found that they were not alone in needing a better solution for switching out thier AT, alpine or telemark gear to best meet the needs of the day. Quiver Killer binding inserts are a line of hardware products made up of a simple insert, installed into the topsheet of your ski they allow you to easily remove and swap bindings between skis using only a screw driver.

Choose Your Ultimate Setup

So put short, you can choose your ultimate setup for each day and optimise your setup for the conditions of the day.
Got a favourite ski? Now you can set it up for your alpine and telemark binding. Travelling and want to bring your groomers and freerides? Install Quiver Killers and bring both, with only one binding to take up less space/weight. You’ve got all your conditions covered.

Find out More

To find out more about Quiver Killer Australia or to discover how to stock Quiver Killer products in your store contact us on 0418 682 145 or email us on To find out where you can buy Quiver Killer products go to our store locator and search for your nearest retail store.