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Ski Repair and Maintenance

Wintersteiger Products and Accessories

Wintersteiger is Australia’s leading brand in ski tuning and machinery and ski care products. We provide and supply to the highest quality ski machine servicers in the industry. We also sell and install ski servicing machines and all parts and accessories with a mobile repair service available.

About Wintersteiger

Wintersteiger is the world market leader in service and rental solutions for the entire ski and snowboard sport. Sport shops, rental stations, well known ski and snowboard producers as well as leading ski federations trust in the system solutions and service.

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Wintersteiger Boot Dryers

Wall-mounted or Innova boot dryer modules can be combined in any order. The optimised design allows them to be mounted almost anywhere using minimal space, including existing lockers. The air is efficiently disinfected through an ozone lamp.

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Wintersteiger Ski Tuning Machines

From the smallest service shop to the largest rental fleets, the Wintersteiger machine family covers the requirements of any customer. Thanks to the intelligent modular system, automated machines can be designed for any level of service volume. The possibilities are unique.

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Wintersteiger Parts & Accessories

Uber Sports can supply the full range of the highest quality Wintersteiger machine and workshop accessories Australia wide. With knowledge accross all software modules and interfaces, we can help you order the right parts and accessories.

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Wintersteiger Machine Servicing

Uber Sports sees its mission not only in the installation of innovative Wintersteiger products for the Australian market, but we understand the need for an accompanying partnership process. Our trusted and efficient service is the best in the local the industry.

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