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Original Ski Balm

Lip Balm . Face Protection . SPF40

Original Ski Balm Australia

We love a day on the slopes but we’ve seen first hand what it does to the skin. Flying down the mountain with cold wind whipping in your face. The cold wind, snow and sun create a powerful assult against your skin, stripping it of moisture and leaving it red, chapped and flakey. This is WINDBURN!!

Ski Balm has you Covered

A day on the mountain shouldn’t be jeopardized by windburn & sunburn so Ski Balm has you covered. Our natural balm goes on clear creating a microscopic breathable layer of protection on the skin protecting it and locking in moisture. Made from a wax-gel base that locks in moisture and creates a barrier, many other competing products are made using a greasy petroleum jelly base that clog pores.

SPF40 Protection

Ski Balm uses a wax-gel formulation that is non-comedogenic and will not cause break outs. We’ve also added performance SPF40 so slather on a liberal amount before hitting the slopes. Go ahead , ski naked. We’ve got you covered.

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